#2 – Aleph by Paulo Coelho


I have just finished reading Aleph, of which took me more than a month to finish. At first I found it to be too spiritual because after reading the first 100 pages, I realised it takes a lot more than mere reading to understand what Coelho intended to deliver.

The story starts with Paulo, a writer, who is feeling not contained by what he has achieved and that perhaps something is missing or overlooked. He decided to embark on a journey of book signing across the trans-siberian railway in Russia to be the “King of [his] Kingdom”. The journey is then joined by a girl named Hilal who turns out to be his lover from one of his past lives. They experienced Aleph together whereby Aleph is “the point of everything, the whole universe is contained”, where the past meets the present, etc.

I know. It’s hard to understand at first but what keeps me reading was the way the book was well-written and the occasional aphorisms. At some point, I thought that this book could actually be about a really really complicated love story between two people from the parallel universe. But oh well, what do i know.. That kind of thought requires more reading on parallel universe/Aleph of which I don’t intend to do! teehee.

Put simply, I didn’t really enjoy reading it so I hope I’ll enjoy reading The Alchemist better!


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