#1 – Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult


I’m done with the book and tell you what, IT IS A MUST READ. It’s definitely one of the best from Jodi Picoult and mind you, I wasn’t really a fan of her literary works before. I’ve read Nineteen Minutes and that’s one of my favourites too but then I tried reading My Sister’s Keeper and got bored halfway. That was.. Around 6 years ago.

Perhaps my reading genre has changed since then but I really enjoyed reading Lone Wolf.

This book is about a man named Luke who is in a vegetative state after a car crash. As per usual in those cases whereby a patient can no longer have the quality of life that normal people have, a decision needs to be made; to let go or to let him live on life support. However, Luke has had an interesting family conflict; he abandoned his family to live among the wolves. Then, after he got back from his “little adventure”, he got divorced, his son went off to another country to get away from him and his ex-wife remarried. He lives with his daughter, Cara, of whom he ventured the world of the wolves together. Therefore, when it comes to making the most important decision for his life, serious disagreements arise from his ex family members. Edward, the most entitled to make the decision, has lived too far from the family to actually know his father anymore and Cara, who is the one close to his father, is a minor and might be the cause of the state the father is in. And the ex-wife, Georgie, having another family, is caught in the middle between Edward’s decision and Cara’s.

Family drama, court cases, rivalry, lawyers, medical crisis.. Well those are the usuals from Jodi Picoult but what captivate me the most are the wolf stories in between the usual drama that connect and make up the whole novel. And I guess for some people, the wolf part just won’t do it but for me, the way Jodi Picoult, literally and metaphorically, integrated the wolf allegories in her storyline kinda makes this novel stand apart from her other novels.There’s so much about humanity (and how much we complicate our lives in comparison to wolves) I’ve actually learned from a single book and that, both human and wolves interactions are fascinating :)